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About Us

We are a regional charity formed to assist and support those suffering from any form of asbestos disease. and their partners and families. All of our services are free of charge. We currently run three support groups for asbestos sufferers and their partners and families. We have two groups for wives and widows of asbestos sufferers. One is in the Swindon area and the other in the Exeter area.

We are committed to forming groups in other areas as soon as we can get sufficient numbers together to start a group in that area. The groups meet monthly for support as well as enjoying some very special social occasions. The programme for the Swindon Group is set out in the Activities section of this web site. For further information about the programme for the Exeter Group, please phone 01822 880233. Details about this group are also set out in our Activities section.

The ladies groups provide for friendship and support. Our members help each other while they are nursing husbands with asbestos disease. Some of the activities the ladies have enjoyed over the last two years include a trip to Buckingham Palace, a trip to Chichester and a trip to Exeter. Comments from one of the members of the Swindon Group are included in the Comments section setting out the benefits of the Group.

Meeting for asbestos sufferers

From time to time we have meetings for those suffering from all forms of asbestos disease of any type and their carers and partners are also welcome to this. We invite members of the medical profession to come and talk on various aspects of the illnesses with a view to trying to provide assistance to alleviate symptoms. Afterwards we usually have refreshments/lunch and this is an opportunity for people to meet others with the same illness, to discuss coping strategies and give mutual support. Comments from the members about one recent meeting on breathlessness provided by three nurses from Exeter, are set out in the Comments section on this web site. Also comments from one of our members as to benefits obtained from this group can be found on the Comments page of this website.

Information Booklets

We send out helpful booklets on all aspects of asbestos disease giving information about the nature of the illnesses and treatment, DSS benefits and information about how to bring a legal claim and what can be claimed. The booklet also provides information about procedures in the Coroner’s Court in cases of industrial disease. The booklets are free of charge and are sent out on request. We are also happy to provide any advice on general aspects of the disease by correspondence and e-mail.

Asbestos Trust Funds

Currently there are several American Trust Funds which provide payments to asbestos sufferers in England. These are open to anyone
who has been exposed to asbestos by an employer who is suffering from one of the diseases. They simply involve completion of an application form. Application forms can be obtained from us on request. They are open to anyone who has been exposed to asbestos by an employer or exposure to contaminated clothing from a partner returning from work and who is suffering from one of the diseases

DSS Benefits

There are a number of DSS benefits available for those suffering from asbestos disease. These include Industrial Disablement Pension and also a lump sum from the government for those who cannot claim against their employer. For information about these benefits please see our free booklet. We will send you application forms free of charge to bring these claims on request. We can assist with completion of the forms if you require.

Legal Claims

For basic information on bringing these claims, please see our booklet. We will provide some basic advice to asbestos sufferers who wish to bring a claim. We are happy to recommend solicitors who specialise in asbestos disease. This is an extremely specialised area. When obtaining legal advice you should ask your solicitor how many asbestos claims they have brought to trial and how many claims they have dealt with altogether in order to ascertain their experience. It is not a good idea to instruct a solicitor who rarely deals with this specialist area.


We are committed to providing education on the subject of asbestos disease to help awareness of the subject. We run conferences on the subject as well as providing lectures to hospitals and hospices throughout the South West.

Change in Law

We are committed to highlighting the problem of asbestos disease nationally and to contact MP’s and the government about changes required on the law, and DSS benefits to assist asbestos sufferers and their families.

e-mail: info@asbestosgroup.co.uk

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